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PyroElectro Project Articles

Electronics articles written with the utmost clarity to increase your capabilities.

The PIC Annoy PCB

build something to annoy your co-workers

Pyro Factor
LED Christmas Tree O’Digital Logic

build a christmas tree made out of leds

Pyro Factor
How To Build A Simple IR Theremin

build a simple theremin using only digital hardware

Pyro Factor
How To Build An 8x8x8 LED Cube

build an 8x8x8 led cube to mezmorize your friends

Pyro Factor
Simple RF Receiver And Transmitter @ 27 MHz

build a simple 27 mhz receiver module

Pyro Factor
Simple 27 MHz RF Transmitter

build a simple rf transmitter with very few parts

Pyro Factor
Fading LED Heart Birthday Present

an led heart as a simple birthday present

Pyro Factor
TTL Logic Beeping Down Counter

a down counting movie prop imitation with playdough

Pyro Factor
TTL Tilt Sensor via Accelerometer

build a ttl logic tilt sensor with led output

Pyro Factor
VGA Interface Using Only 74xx IC’s

build a vga interface with digital logic chips

Pyro Factor
Mini IR Theremin

make your own mini ir theremin

Pyro Factor
Pyro Propeller Clock POV

a pov that displays whatever you want

Pyro Factor
The Tupperware Turret [Airsoft]

build your own airsoft turret with off the shelf parts

Pyro Factor
Build A Mini A/V Test Box

quick and easy way to test if speakers/monitors are working

Pyro Factor
Mint Box FM Bug Transmitter

the bug every 007 agent should have

Pyro Factor
The Sharpie Dotifier

a robotic arm that draws everything

Pyro Factor
Line Following Mini Tank

a wooden tank that follows black lines

Pyro Factor
Personal G-Force Meter

make your own personal g-force meter

Pyro Factor
The Stunning Camera

shock your friends when they take your picture

Pyro Factor
The Autonomous Drifter

autonomous drifter controlled by your laptop

Pyro Factor
Short Range Personal Radar

a complete radar system using the ir range sensor

Pyro Factor
The Wooden Menace

a mighty robotic arm powered by servos

Pyro Factor
The VGA Test Box

a vga controller made with a pic microcontroller

Pyro Factor