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Simple 27 MHz RF Transmitter

Posted October 11, 2012 by Chris

“In this article we’ll explore what it takes to build a simple rf transmitter at 27 mhz, the different stages that go into the transmitter, how those stages interact and we’ll test it out with some measurement equipment. The ultimate goal will be to pair this transmitter with a receiver, so that when we transmit, the receiver turns on an LED. Simple as that.”

18 Responses to “Simple 27 MHz RF Transmitter”

  1. usman Says:

    i want to see this.

  2. Dr. Fouad El-Harazin Says:

    Greetings from Gaza Strip-Palestine

    A Simple Pyro RF Transmitter (27 MHz) was very nice of you to implemented, but in fact we are very interested to expand this project for our students within 3-5 miles as an experiment. I am Physicist with valuable information on electronic with transceivers. Can you help?

    Best Regards
    Dr. Fouad EL-Harazin
    Director of the Office of International Affairs of the National Research Center-Gaza,
    Gaza Strip, Palestine
    Mobile: +972 599 334413
    Skype: fouadel6

  3. Phillip Latchman Says:

    Hi, I am a final year student at the University of the West Indies Trinidad. I would like to use this design to construct a 125 KHz transmitter and receiver, is there any addition or adjustment to this design other than the crystal oscillator?

  4. helmi Says:

    hi, I’m final year student from UTM,Malaysia. Where can I find the schematic diagram.

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