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PIC to Arduino Wireless Communication via XBee

Posted January 10, 2013 by Chris

“ In this article, we will use a PIC 18LF4520 and an Arduino UNO to build a transmitter and receiver using some wireless modules. The PIC will output serial commands as a transmitter that tell the Arduino system to pause an LCD screen from updating a counter value. This project is intentionally designed to be simple because there are many simple ideas at play and it’s important for you to understand each one.”

23 Responses to “PIC to Arduino Wireless Communication via XBee”

  1. lastchancename Says:

    Hmmm – generally quite informative, but two things jumped out at me on the first pass.
    Please credit the source of your screen-grabs… and seven-bit serial ASCII (in the graphical bit explanation) is relatively rare, and may confuse newbies that are trying to squeeze 0xFF into seven bits.

  2. sahil thaim Says:


  3. atari breakout Says:

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