Course 2: Digital Electronics


Lesson 1: Introduction to Digital Electronics Want to learn about digital electronics? Start here! This lesson explains the course content, what expectations you should have and what parts are needed for the course.
Lesson 2: Number Systems Every type of digital system will rely on a common number system known as binary. This lesson explores how to use different number systems like binary and decimal.
Lesson 3: Logic Gates Logic gates are the fundamental building blocks of the digital world. This lesson will introduce the different logic gates used in modern digital design.
Lesson 4: The Karnaugh Map In digital design, the fewer parts used, the better. In this lesson, we will study how to use the Karnaugh map to simplify digital systems, saving us time and energy.
Lesson 5: Design an RS Latch Time for some hands-on learning, this lesson gets your hands dirty and shows you how to build and use an rs latch using only digital logic gates.
Lesson 6: Flip-Flops A core requirement of digital logic hardware are devices that can easily change state from 0 to 1, they are aptly named flip-flops. In this lesson we explore a few different types of flip-flops.
Lesson 7: Clocks and Oscillators Every digital circuit requires a clock input to function. This lesson will take a look at the different types of oscillators used to drive digital circuits.
Lesson 8: Design a 4-bit Shift Register Another widely used digital component is called the shift register. This lesson will use only logic gates to design a 4-bit shift register.
Lesson 9: Design a 4-bit Counter In this lesson we will use our newly found intellectual prowess to design a digital circuit known as a 4-bit ripple counter. You better be ready to use your brain!
Lesson 10: Design an LED Chaser The final test of your digital prowess is to build something fun, so let's use LEDs! In this lesson we will go through the design process of building a multi-state LED shifter.
Lesson 11: 7400 Series Logic Devices Certain types of digital logic have been standardized around 7400 parts. In this lesson we will explore the unique digital logic offered in the 7400 series of integrated circuits.
Lesson 12: 4000 Series Logic Devices Like 7400 series logic, 4000 series logic devices offer specific and unique functionality. In this lesson we will take a look at what makes the 4000 series logic devices unique.