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The Autonomous Drifter

Posted February 28, 2008 by Chris

The autonomous drifter is an rc car with a modified transmitter that allows a computer to control it via the serial port. It has both manual and autonomous control using the keyboard.

18 Responses to “The Autonomous Drifter”

  1. Ahmed Says:

    Plz. can you convert the file for The Autonomous Drifter to Hex code or assmibly

    Important Plz.

  2. Ankit Says:

    is there any alternative for MAX 233a as i didn’t find this ic in the market so please suggest me any other ic in place of this,and please send me hex code.

  3. roro Says:

    please can you help me!! can i use pic18f4520 instead of pic18f452? and what are the differences between these two pics??

  4. Chris Says:


    18F452 is an older architecture. 18F4520 is an updated version of 18F452, all of the older features and some new ones.

    18F4520 can replace 18F452, definitely.

  5. roro Says:

    ok, thnx
    I couldn’t find a bootloader for this pic. can you help me??
    is (tiny bootloader) usefull??

  6. jena Says:

    hi there,
    i wsnt to make this project in colleage.
    could you tell me what c compiler you have used?
    pic c or c18 compiler??

  7. Chris Says:

    C18 compiler was used for this project.

  8. roro Says:

    I am sorry to disturb you again, but I couldn’t get the Hex file from the C code,
    Is it possible to give me the Hex file?
    or could you tell me how to generate it, I am using Mplabx and I want to use bootloader.

  9. dan Says:

    please can tell me the steps to build the project in details
    i can not understand the photos

  10. roro Says:

    hi again
    i am facing a problem using “good terminal”
    the program was made to work on ports Com1-Com4
    but when i connected the circuit to PC ; it was connected on port Com9 for example; which is not defined in the program.
    I tried using huperterminal; but no use; it didn’d do any thing.
    so what should I do??
    can you help me ??


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