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FPGA stuffs!

DE0-Nano FPGA Tilt Sensing

use the de0-nano board to sense tilt and acceleration

Pyro Factor
DE0-Nano FPGA Breakout Board

build your own custom i/o expander breakout board

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CPLD/FPGA DC Motor Control

control a dc motor using a cpld or fpga

Pyro Factor
LED Fading via CPLD PWM

use pwm to fade some leds with a cpld or fpga

Pyro Factor

build a digital interface to understand analog

Pyro Factor
FPGA to 16×2 LCD Interface (HD44780)

build a cpld to 16x2 lcd interface to display output

Pyro Factor
DIY RS232 Interface With PLD/FPGA

build an interface between a pc and an fpga

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DIY FPGA Programmer (For Altera Devices)

build the updated byteblastermv to program altera fpga devices

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DE0 Nano Intro Tutorial

learn the basics needed to use the de0 nano

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DE0 Nano VGA via FPGA Reborn

the de0 nano fpga remake of the masochist's video card

Pyro Factor
FPGA 512 Color VGA Controller

a vga controller with 512 unique colors

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VHDL Keyboard Input

use vhdl to interface a cpld to a keyboard

Pyro Factor
Advanced VGA On A UP2

make even cooler stuff appear on your monitor

Pyro Factor
Creating VGA With VHDL

create vga signals with vhdl and the up2 board

Pyro Factor
A Simple VHDL Counter

create a simple counter using vhdl with a cpld

Pyro Factor
An Introduction To VHDL

a small tutorial on using vhdl with a cpld

Pyro Factor
An Introduction To Verilog

a small tutorial on using verilog with a cpld

Pyro Factor
Altera’s UP2 Board

learn about the up2 & create a 4-bit full adder

Pyro Factor
Build A CPLD Dev Board

make your own cpld development board

Pyro Factor
Build A ByteBlaster

build a cable so you can program your fpga/cpld

Pyro Factor
Program the DE2 Board

download a simple program to the de2 board

Pyro Factor
The Altera DE2 Board

a simple introduction for setting up the DE2 board

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