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Animatronics How To DIY…

Animatronic [Robotic] Eyebrows

     Any animatron trying to duplicate the face of a human must have eyebrows. This tutorial introduces a low cost methods for creating your own robotic emotion.

Animatronic Eyes

     The next step for your animatron is building eyes that move on 2 axis. This tutorial introduce the gimbal and shows you how to build two animatronic eyes.

View Tutorial: Animatronic Eyes

Animatronic Mouths

     A talking animatronic robot seems like science fiction, but now it is science fact! This tutorial explains and builds two types of animatronic mouths for your robot.

View Tutorial: Animatronic Mouths

Animatronic Neck

     To finish off robotics month, we add a neck to this animatronic head. A pan and tilt system is used with 2 servo motors to move the head around.

View Tutorial: Animatronic Neck