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TTL Tilt Sensor via Accelerometer

Posted October 14, 2011 by Chris

Time for more accelerometer stuff! Since the 7400 logic competition is allowing more than one entry, I figured why not build something else? This tilt sensor was designed using only 7400 TTL discrete logic parts, so there is no software involved. It uses an accelerometer sensor’s output for X and Y axis to show you how much the board is tilted on an 8×8 LED matrix display.

13 Responses to “TTL Tilt Sensor via Accelerometer”

  1. prem Says:

    hi ..i am currently working an project,for which i am using a flex sensors and accelerometer can any help in program in bascom for reading analog output from accelerometer(adxl335)…the microcontroller i am using is pic18f25k20

  2. Woggler Says:

    Just(!) a thanks for your generosity in diseminating know-how.

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