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Pyro Propeller Clock POV

Posted April 14, 2011 by Chris

Today’s PyroElectro Project: A Propeller Clock! These things are all over the place on the web and on youtube, but few bother to explain how they are built. This project goes from start to finish explaining how to build a simple POV that can display virtually whatever you want.

29 Responses to “Pyro Propeller Clock POV”

  1. Jagan Says:

    Whether u used 8051 instead of pic……….

  2. rody257 Says:

    where I get the libraries used in this project as:
    # include
    # include
    # include

  3. world clock Says:

    Pyro Propeller Clock POV | PyroElectro – News, Projects & Tutorials – just great!

  4. digvij Says:

    can you please tell me how to put the .c file into pic 18f252
    i am having a hardtime working with mplab v.810.
    the 18f252 linker file is displaying some syntax errors….
    can any help me………thank you

  5. Rania Ben Abdallah Says:

    I went to explain how they are built Pyro Propeller Clock POV end see a programme with commantaire for comprendre and thinks

  6. Govind Says:

    How can i Change the time? in the circuit there is no switch or IR sensor to set time manually or through remote but in the assembled board picture i saw the IR sensor (remote IR receiver 3 pin) please send me a reply and the correct circuit please help me….. thanks

  7. siddhartha Says:

    Can u show me the circiut diagram for this properllerclock please

  8. anunay Says:

    i am having problem using mplab 7.50 ,,,linker please help

  9. Nikhil Says:

    Hey Chris
    Congratulations for this project.
    I am finding some problems while creating a hex file.Its showing some syntax error, can you help me by sending a hex file of the same code that you have posted.
    Digvij and Anunay did you get the solution?
    Please reply.

  10. Luca Says:

    Hi, i need your software libraries:

    Can you send theese file to my email?
    thank you 😉

  11. Nhatvu Says:

    Hi, i need your software libraries:
    Can you send theese file to my email?
    thank you 😉

  12. jaff Says:

    Plz help me
    Plz sent to me full scheme and hex code for pov clock.
    because i try to create this for my school project.
    plz help

  13. cristhian Says:

    goodnight I am a student of electronics and I like so much this project the truth much helped me your tutorial but when programming the pic have much errors not if I could help by sending a hex file of the same code you posted will would greatly appreciate beforehand thank you enough for this tutorial

  14. PAUL Says:

    Goodnight i am a student, i need helped me about a hex file, because i have much errors

  15. gue Says:

    please complete schematic and software project..tx

  16. Atuq Says:

    i need your software libraries:
    Can you send theese file to my email? because i try to create this for my school project

  17. Trikypedia Says:

    Could you send me to me email your libraries
    Please, its very important

  18. Temmy Says:

    Wow! lovely and exciting projects, how can i get d parts list and the assembly video here?

  19. N???? Says:

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    ?????? ????????????????

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  23. Mikhail_R Says:

    I really need your help on the project.
    I am a technical university student from Russia, I urgently need to pass this device, but I have a problem with firmware.
    Ideally, I would like to ask you for a hex file or at least software libraries:
    And it is very important! How exactly did you set up CONFIGURATION BITS???
    You are not obliged to help me, but I hope you will help me. Write to the mail. Thank you very much

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