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Build A CPLD Dev Board

Posted February 19, 2008 by Chris

Development boards for PLD’s and FPGA’s can get very pricey, even into the $1000’s. This simple tutorial will give you a platform & hardware setup to get you started with CPLD/FPGA device design & programming.

15 Responses to “Build A CPLD Dev Board”

  1. Altruio Says:

    I find your site last week and I find it very interesting. I wish I had chosen electronics for my studies, so I could apply a lot of useful . And here comes my request of help: can you give me two or three name of good manual to study about this subjects? (all my knowledge of electronics are limited to a few chapters of sedra smith microelctronics circuits)

  2. Chris Says:

    Hey, glad you enjoy the site.

    The best advice I can offer in terms of books/manuals would be on Google Books (

    “Linear Circuits” books will teach you the fundamentals of how electricity & circuits work together.

    “Digital Logic & Microprocessor Design” books will teach you the fundamentals of how processors and combinational digital logic works.

    The best thing to do as a recommendation from me to beginners is to find a very short, straight forward tutorial that requires few and inexpensive parts and build whatever it is. You can buy small kits like these in electronics stores. Then afterward try to understand the theory behind how the device works.

    I can make a small tutorial on such a thing if you’d like. Just give a reply comment.

  3. Altruio Says:

    Thank you for your advices! I found the books at the library, so I’ll study them as soon as I have some time.
    I think your second advice is also very useful, I’ll try to find something didattically interesting. Don’t bother to make a tutorial if you don’t think would be useful for the site. But In the case you think it would, I will really appreciate it!

    Keep going with your great work!!!

  4. rameesha Says:


    I am very interested for the subject and i got CPLD board too. Pls publish the tutorial about CPLD and perhaps FPGA if possible because we most people finds it is most useful.


  5. Chris Says:

    The tutorial is up. You just need to click the “Read” link or go there directly:

  6. gry planszowe Says:

    Ciekawa strona, trafilem tu przypadkowo, ale od dzis bede wpadal czesciej, pozdro

  7. Kennith Schermerhorn Says:

    Laptops will revolutionize the US when they are accessible to everyone financially. Think of every man and women, having a personal laptop.

  8. Kiran Says:


    Your description for FPGA towards begginers is good.
    In above CPLD EPM7128S you have not used crystal. May i know why?.

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