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Creating VGA With VHDL

Posted March 27, 2008 by Chris

Once again we’ll take a look at how to generate VGA timing signals. This time with a different approach using the VHDL programming language with the Altera UP2 board. This method is far more flexible and reliable so it is definitely worth a look.

13 Responses to “Creating VGA With VHDL”

  1. FxDev Says:

    The program algorithm is good but the sync. numbers are wrong. It isn’t work with another vga monitors…

  2. Chris Says:

    This was tested on multiple monitors; LCD, CRT & Projecters. It worked on all three. It’s possible that some really picky monitor exists that won’t like the VGA input but I doubt that the software for this is at fault, recheck that you have the pins mapped correctly.

  3. FxDev Says:

    I used this data sheet numbers to my sync. file…

    But you used different numbers from here and it generally cause a problem…
    I use your code and it didn’t work but when i changed the number it worked!

    Here this example:

  4. sajid waxir Says:

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