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Stepper Motor Control

Posted December 4, 2007 by Chris

The stepper motor offers a different type of mobility than DC motors. If your project needs to travel at precise speed or distance then stepper motors are your easy-to-implement answer!

PIC Prototyping Basics

Posted November 25, 2007 by Chris

Using development boards for prototyping is great for beginning, however there comes a time when you need to learn how to design your own circuit for your own board.

Servo Motor Control

Posted November 16, 2007 by Chris

Servo motors offer two things a DC motor rarely can: Torque & Precision. Learn how to use the PIC to control servo motors so you can include them in your next project!

The Wooden Menace

Posted November 5, 2007 by Chris

The Wooden Menace is a robotic arm made from hobby servos & (you guessed it) wood! It can be autonomously or remotely controlled.

DC Motor Control

Posted October 25, 2007 by Chris

If you want your next project to be mobile, being able to reliably control motors is a must. In this tutorial, we use the LMD18245 to control a simple 12v DC motor.

Programming The PIC

Posted October 14, 2007 by Chris

Expanding upon the previous tutorial where we learned how to connect a PIC to a host computer, we are now ready to actually program the PIC. This tutorial explains that process.

The VGA Test Box

Posted September 26, 2007 by Chris

The Test Box is a primitive VGA controller that uses a µController and runs at 4 MHz. The &#181Controller outputs VGA signals; the monitor receives them & displays what is sent.