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Playing Musical Notes On A Microcontroller

Posted March 7, 2014 by Chris

"We have discussed in the past experiments how to use a PIC microcontroller to do a variety of things from flashing an LED to driving a motor, etc. Today, we will see how to play notes of a song with a PIC microcontroller. Musical notes are simply sound waves of particular frequencies."

Physical Tone Matrix

Posted March 3, 2014 by Chris

"Inspired by Andre’ Michelle’s Tone Matrix flash applet I decided to make a physical version – i.e. a box with buttons, flashing lights and knobs to turn. I wanted 16×16 – the Bliptronic 5000 just doesn’t have enough lights."

MIDI Drum Electronic Circuit

Posted February 15, 2014 by Chris

"This circuit is a MIDI interface between drum pads and computer or hardware sequencer. Using this circuit you can hit pads with drumsticks and store the MIDI data in real time."

Guitar Pickup Winder

Posted January 21, 2014 by Chris

"..Since I was going to be using an microcontroller to count the turns and stop the machine when the predetermined number of turns has been reached, I could make this winder do more stuff too. So, I made this pickup winder into more of a pickup winding station…"

The Open.Theremin

Posted January 16, 2014 by Chris

"Open.Theremin is a open hardware and open software project. You can build your own real theremin."

TinySynth Using An ATTiny Micro

Posted December 27, 2013 by Chris

"The TinySynth is a program loaded onto an ATTiny45/85 that uses an eight-bit microcontroller to make sounds. We’ll need: TinyProgrammer, ATTiny45/85, Coin Cell Battery, Paper Speaker, Conductive Ink."

Tetris on an 16×8 LED Matrix + Theme Music

Posted November 27, 2013 by Chris

"Since I’ve written a Tetris in Python half a year ago, It wasn’t that difficult for me to write this one for the Arduino. Other than the four arrow keys that are also used for the Snake game, another tact switch was added to immediately drop a piece to the bottom."

A Physical RFID Music Sequencer

Posted October 27, 2013 by Chris

"I have always like the idea of a physical music sequencer but I didn’t want to make one like the other I had seen so I decided to come up with, what I believe, is a unique take on the concept an RFID sequencer."

A Journey Through Microcontroller Audio

Posted October 19, 2013 by Chris

"My original plan for a final project, way back in week 1, was to build a internet-connected drum that counted politically sensitive numbers….However, after struggling for a week and a half…we gave up on Saturday night. [Instead we implemented] something akin to a VOIP over Internet Zero – the thinnest, cheapest digital audio communication possible."

Sound Localization Using Arduino

Posted October 18, 2013 by Chris

"Well, it’s elementary simple in theory, how to do sound localization based on phase difference of signals, that received by two spatially distant microphones. The Devil, as always, in details. I’ve not seen any such project created for arduino, and get curious if it’s possible at all."