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PIC Prototyping: MPLABX + PICKIT3 Intro

Posted March 22, 2012 by Chris

“The PICKit3 is microchip’s newest official PIC programmer and MPLABX is microchip’s newest IDE and while people argue about how good they are, the new programmer and IDE have never done me wrong. I upgraded away from the old ICD2 clone programmer that I had used for years when I saw that microchip sells their PICKit3 for under $50 and so now I’ll pass on my experience of how to use these tools to you guys!”

10 Responses to “PIC Prototyping: MPLABX + PICKIT3 Intro”

  1. Advantage Says:

    I don’t know whether the pictures provided are wrong or the schematic but I followed the schematic provided and my PIC18F452 got pretty hot… Don’t think I did anything wrong but I looked at the actual photographs and they have random parts that are unused etc… confusing. Might help clear things up if there were a video outlining how to hook it up step by step with references to a schematic. Thanks!

  2. Chris Says:

    Hi. If you followed the schematic [ ] 100% then it should work. The only reason the PIC would get hot is if you incorrectly wire the Power/Ground connections — double check those guys and things should start working for you.

  3. Advantage Says:

    Good call Chris thanks! I had the power off by 1 pin on the right side. Thanks again this is the only page I can find that actually shows how to do this I really appreciate it!

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