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TYMC: Filename To ID3

Posted November 10, 2011 by Syd

“ The goal of this project will be to iterate over a list of files following our predefined file structure, parse each file’s file path to determine its ID3 tag data, and save each file with its updated ID3 data.” This is another great article dipping further into the software side of the world, showing you how to restructure your MP3 collection with Python!

TYMC: File Structure

Posted November 3, 2011 by Syd

“This article will be the first in a series of software articles describing the process of organizing your music collection. I’ve decided to write the application in Python for a number of reasons: I’ve never used Python myself, Python has modules for reading and writing mp3 tags, and Python is easy to install and configure.”

Open Source MIDI Keyboard

Posted April 30, 2008 by Syd

Using a standard straight to USB (via EZ-USB) connector and re-wiring a keyboard a little bit, creates a nice MIDI input device. This project write-up details the process out and provides all hardware schematics & software needed.

A Simple File Server

Posted March 11, 2008 by Syd

In an unordinary twist, here is a far more software based tutorial. File servers are the core purpose for any server aside from databasing. Using the Kubuntu flavor this tutorial guides you through the process & necessary commands for getting everything ready to go.

Homemade Hovercraft

Posted February 27, 2008 by Syd

For quite some time hovercraft were really popular. Recent times has seen the decline of them however, you can still build a remote control hovercraft quite easily! From big to small this project write up shows you how to build’m with some rather unexpected design techniques.

Wii Led Nunchuck Mod

Posted February 2, 2008 by Syd

For all the Wii lovers out there this will definitely earn you some style points. This project shows you how to mod the nunchuck under the stick with an led. Pick your color led and get going!

Wiimote Controlled Firefighting Robot

Posted February 1, 2008 by Syd

The ‘Firebot,’ as it is called, is a neat little project that uses some of the features of the wiimote combined with a mobile robot platform to ‘fight fire’.

GBA Ham Radio ‘Bunny’

Posted January 27, 2008 by Syd

Ham Radio ‘hidden transmitter hunts’ have been popular since ham radios came about. This GBA mod simplifies the task of being the hidden transmitter using the idBoy interface by nintendo and a few other easy mods.

GBA Console System

Posted January 26, 2008 by Syd

With this mod you can turn a normal GBA handheld into a game console; joystick, tv hookups & all. It’s not a difficult mod either so if you’re a GBA guru you will love this!