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ECE 4760: Haptic Data Visualizer

Posted October 20, 2014 by Chris

"The goal of our project was to create both the hardware and software platform that can be used as a adaptable haptic data visualization device…Sure, it’s nice to see [the] data on the computer screen, but what if you could feel it? Bring it to life? With our current haptic visualizer, users can feel any arbitrary surface plot generated in MATLAB as well as animate and manipulate a 3D sandbox used to draw and feel objects."

Bluetooth robot BT-Bot

Posted October 19, 2014 by Chris

"For the past weeks I have had this robot to play with. Today I added some additional intelligence to it, and decided to post it here as a finished project…One extra motor was added to the code, I etched a new PCB for the L298 board so it took up less space, and attached it all to a robot chassis."

Active Wideband Receiver Antenna for SDR

Posted October 17, 2014 by Chris

"Software Defined Radio (SDR) has finally reached a much broader mass of people, who wanted to play with RF technology, but didn’t find the time or resources to learn all necessary skills, to build a hardware based radio. Thanks to the work of the GNU-Radio and OsmoCom developer crowd, this barrier is finally gone and everyone can, more or less, directly access, what the antenna receives."

Online Exhibition: The Path Towards a Consumer Wearable Computer

Posted October 16, 2014 by Chris

"Wearable computers and head-mounted displays (HMDs) are in the press daily. Why now? While the basic technology has existed for decades, only recently have these devices become practical and desirable. Using consumer, professional, and ‘maker’ devices, this exhibit demonstrates four challenges along the road to making a consumer wearable computer: power and heat, networking, mobile input, and displays."

RoboMagellan – GPS/RC/Autonomous Control

Posted October 14, 2014 by Chris

"Purpose and Goals: during October, 2007, I received an Email from Steve Hassenplug. Steve was trying to get the Chicago robot club (Chibots) to hold an annual RoboMagellan contest. He needed some more entries, so I committed to build a robot for the spring, 2008 competition."

Holderness Radio Balloon Launch

Posted October 12, 2014 by Chris

"In order to collect the necessary data, the metrological balloon will be sent with a payload to an altitude of 80,000 feet. The payload weighs five pounds and contains sensors that measure temperature, altitude, UV radiation, and atmosphere pressure. It will carry two cameras to take aerial photos of the horizon from ‘near space,’ the region between the boundary of space and the earth’s atmosphere."

Atmel ATMEGA8 IR detector

Posted October 11, 2014 by Chris

"8-channel approach to IR detector sensor circuit is realized with ATmega8 microcontroller. I2C bus (TWI, SMBus) are measuring through the obstacle detection, designed for mobile robot. Approach reflects the beam of infrared light detector circuit based on monitoring works."

What can you salvage from a floppy disk drive?

Posted October 9, 2014 by Chris

"In true Nerd Club fashion, no sooner have we decided to start (or re-start) a project, and something else comes along and takes our attention away. This time, it was the postie bringing us a clutch of four floppy disk drives, won off eBay just 48 hours earlier."

Will O’ the Wisps – An experiment In Self-Sustained System Dynamics

Posted October 8, 2014 by Chris

"The project consists of eight modules (creatures) that operate independently, but coordinate their efforts to perform a common task. Each module implements a solar panel to collect the energy needed to operate (feeding) and communicates using radio transmissions. These mechanisms allow the system’s overall behavior to mimic the interactions of prairie dog and mongoose colonies."

ATTINY Thermometer with DS18S20

Posted October 7, 2014 by Chris

"In my new Dacia Duster is missing unfortunately an outside temperature indication. A finished thermometer with LCD did not separate from there while the contrast with sunlight usually particularly is. I had still alphanummeric LED display in red there for this project in the best way am suitable. As microcontroller i used a ATTINY 2313. The temperature sensor is a 1-Wire-digital sensor, thus the alignment of the sensor is void."