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Interfacing A PIC To LCD (16×2)

Posted February 12, 2008 by Chris

The LCD has made its mark on society. They are all over the place. Being able to control and display your own custom text is great for debugging, making projects look cooler and bragging rights. Learn how to use the PIC to control a simple 16×2 segment display with this tutorial!

17 Responses to “Interfacing A PIC To LCD (16×2)”

  1. Henry Says:

    nice job man

  2. TIBI Says:

    hy. I would like to ask someting.I want tu du a counter to count et 9999999
    whit LCD display.It luck like dis I generate impuls whit E555 timer this
    impuls count the counter,the impuls ar TTL.The farst 4 digit ar METERS
    then the next 2 ar CM end the lest is MM.What du yoy say can you help my
    whit schematic complit
    soft for PIC


  3. Nimish Dave Says:

    Good Work
    PIC16F877A microcontroller connection with HD44780 LCD,C code for programming PIC16F877A to interface LCD

  4. Davids Says:

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  5. Troxler Says:

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  6. Marriott Says:

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  8. basil Says:

    how to program 12×4 LCD with PIC16F877A. . i’m using ports RD for my lcd

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