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Will O’ the Wisps – An experiment In Self-Sustained System Dynamics

Posted April 19, 2018 by Chris

"The project consists of eight modules (creatures) that operate independently, but coordinate their efforts to perform a common task. Each module implements a solar panel to collect the energy needed to operate (feeding) and communicates using radio transmissions. These mechanisms allow the system’s overall behavior to mimic the interactions of prairie dog and mongoose colonies."

2 Responses to “Will O’ the Wisps – An experiment In Self-Sustained System Dynamics”

  1. color switch Says:

    I think that’s a brilliant idea.

  2. street view Says:

    To use this device, patients have to undergo a surgical implant to monitor brain activity in the ear or under the scalp. This is why this smart hearing aid has not yet become a universal assistive device. The team hopes to invent a hearing aid with similar capabilities in the next 5 years but does not require surgery.

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