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Simple Touch Screen Interface

Posted October 27, 2011 by Chris

Touch screens seem to be the must-have innovation of the decade as they’re seen in almost every new gadget and gizmo that comes out. But how exactly do they work and how can we use them? This PyroElectro article explains how a standard 4-wire resistive touch screen works and how to get the X/Y coordinates of a touched point using a PIC 18F452 microcontroller.

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  1. sreejith Says:


  2. sreejith Says:

    hai just let me see

  3. omkar Says:

    i just want the details of the same

  4. sirme Says:

    am really interested on the same

  5. Menuka Says:

    Can I use pic16f877a?

  6. santhosh Says:


  7. Temmy Says:

    I want to see the tutorial

  8. Anwer H. Younis Says:

    very nice work, thanks a lot Chris

  9. Web Design Company Says:

    Resistive touchscreens are the sort you’re well on the way to use in a DIY microcontroller venture. These comprise of two screen layers covered with a resistive material and isolated by a little hole. At the point when contacted, the layers reach, making a voltage divider circuit. The subsequent voltage is effectively estimated and related to position.

  10. call Says:

    Wow! What will you do with that?

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