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Simple USB Interface

Posted April 21, 2011 by Chris

This PyroElectro tutorial shows you how to use a PIC18F4455 to create a simple USB Device that can input and output to a USB Host (laptop). Make no mistake, USB is a complex protocol, so tread softly and with an inquisitive mind.

15 Responses to “Simple USB Interface”

  1. Shreeman Says:


  2. hasan Says:

    Again i would like to thank you for this amazing works

  3. ilker Says:

    is there any ways to use more then two leds. in other words can i controll more then 100 outputs. Thanks

  4. GOPAL Says:

    pl i am interested in simple use of USB INTERFACEApplication for FPGA.
    Thanks and regards
    Gopal raju

  5. mohan Says:

    how to build the program in the pic. what is the software i have to get to do that.
    pls send me the detail information about that

  6. the impossible quiz Says:

    The circuit is handy and very useful. thank you for sharing

  7. devast io Says:

    thanks your sites! i hope you continue to have such quality articles to share!

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