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True Random Number Generator

Posted October 2, 2009 by Chris

A True Random Number Generator seems to be a mathematical myth. However, we can still get pretty good random number generators. This AVR uses noise sampled from a transistor in the breakdown region which should be seemingly random. The schematic layout & source code is available in the project write-up!

2 Responses to “True Random Number Generator”

  1. tech news Says:

    Wow thanks for the information but tell me it really help in to break the codes

  2. N. Shults Says:

    I need a portable generator that I can set the series of numbers.(1-25, 1-30,
    etc.). Also, once the number is selected, it will be eliminated from the series.
    The selected number could be eliminated manualy by a designated toggle
    Any ideas you might have will be greatly appreciated.

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