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PIC Virtual Oscilloscope

Posted October 9, 2008 by Chris

The oscilloscope is arguable one of the most useful tools for electrical engineers. This is a small DIY oscilloscope that uses a simple PIC dev board and a computer GUI to display the results. .NET is used to store & display the data. Both hardware schematics & software are available for download in the project write-up.

2 Responses to “PIC Virtual Oscilloscope”

  1. AethanElectronics Says:

    “Wow, that’s a great program…can you log a time code along with the reception so you can go back and see when you received what signal?
    it would be interesting to get it set up somewhere like in a field away from man-made interference, and just run an audio cable back to the computer.”

  2. mike6789k Says:

    “Hi. Nice Work. Can you send me the schematics and maybe the layout for the circuit board please.
    Best regards form Germany =)”

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