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ATmega TV Terminal

Posted May 20, 2008 by Chris

The ATmega TV Terminal is a simple project that connects together a keyboard, serial communication port & TV video output. The idea of course is to make the TV the output terminal. If you’re into AVR’s this is definitely a project you can learn alot from. PCB schematics, source code & an indepth project write-up are all there.

4 Responses to “ATmega TV Terminal”

  1. KnightFire Says:

    Will this only work for PAL and / or will it work with NTSC?

  2. Chris Says:

    This project is setup for NTSC however you could convert it to PAL. That would just be a modification of the software.

  3. Bjoern Says:

    Hello, very nice project… but i can’t find the source code 🙁

  4. John Says:

    Yeah, it has only the hex file….It will work only with that, but still the code would be better…

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