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The Music Equalizer Display

Posted March 25, 2008 by Chris

If you’ve ever used a music playing utility on a pc you’ll notice they always have a cool little display of either the audio frequency spectrum or the actual audio amplitude wave. The Music Equalizer Display created in this tutorial outputs the latter using a standard 10 LED bar.

7 Responses to “The Music Equalizer Display”

  1. Hardstyle Is my Style Says:

    I loooove electronic music!

  2. mark rey inog Says:

    i luv this tutorial, hey is it ok to ask for a mp lab software for this cos i really
    had hard time understanding the C software.. im still a noob when it comes to programing.. i hope you understand.. tnx for the awsome device..

  3. chandhrsekar Says:

    I am interest your project

  4. jenny Says:

    This is good

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  6. click here Says:

    I have an equalizer here but it doesn’t help me much. Do you know where is the best store to buy a new one?

  7. Says:

    Powerful and simple audio equalizer for Chrome browser to switch this audio eq between music genres that you usually like

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