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The Laser Harp

Posted February 20, 2008 by Chris

Although the laser harp was invented some time ago, it is definitely worth a second look. All schematics, code & electronics are available including code for both PIC and Stamp microcontrollers. Play a Harp with no strings!

One Response to “The Laser Harp”

  1. Lucio Solon Says:

    My name is Lucio Solon. I from Brazilian.

    I’ve discovered your site to “youtube”. Sorry, my English is so so.
    What do you do ? Profession ?

    I am a technical. Recentilly did a course of microcontrolers PIC 16F and 18F.
    Let’s to chance information, ok ?

    I promise to improve my English. I need to practice more your linguage.

    See ya….

    Lucio Solon

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