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Pyro POV Contest Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of the Pyro POV Contest! We’d like to thank everyone who participated. Your entries were all great examples of Persistence of Vision and we enjoyed looking through each of them.

1st Place goes to Sylvain and his team from Télécom ParisTech, who created this POV device for their Embedded Systems course. It uses a spinning blade of 112 LEDs which are driven by an FPGA that computes the position of the blade and a Gumstix Overo that transmits the video via wifi to the blade for display. This allows the device to display a stream of at least 256×256 pixels resolution at 25 frames per second with each pixel coded on 24 bits, allowing for more than four million colors! Great job guys!

2nd Place goes to Scott, who created a UV paint brush consisting of 16 UV LEDs controlled by an FPGA to draw images and words 16 pixels tall on a luminous paint surface. The UV paint brush works by turning the UV LEDs on and off at a specific rate while moving across the luminous paint surface, resulting in a lasting image of “Pyro!” Great job Scott!

3rd Place goes to Kevin who used Lesson 9: Design a Handheld POV from PyroEDU’s Course 5: FPGA and CPLD as a guide. He took it a step further, however, by using two rows of LEDS – one row of white and one row of yellow – to create an image of a classic video game from years ago: Pacman! Great job Kevin!

Congratulations to each of you! We’ll be contacting you within the next few days to arrange sending you your prizes. Thanks again to all our participants and we hope you all enjoyed the Pyro POV Contest!