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WHMS – Wearable Health Monitoring Systems

Posted July 20, 2015 by Chris

"Wearable health monitoring systems integrated into a telemedicine system are novel information technology that will be able to support early detection of abnormal conditions and prevention of its serious consequences. Many patients can benefit from continuous ambulatory monitoring as a part of a diagnostic procedure, optimal maintenance of a chronic condition or during supervised recovery from an acute event or surgical procedure."

Remote Controlled Surveillance Mobile Robot with IP Cam

Posted July 14, 2015 by Chris

"The Senior Year Design Project was named Vanguard by the team. He is a remote controlled surveillance robot. To avoid data communication problems we decided to use different protocols for controlling the wireless camera and the robot. The robot can be controlled through desktop or laptop computers while the video can be controlled through internet, adhoc, WAN and LAN. It is powered by two batteries. One for the circuit and one for its motors."

Building a new firmware for the Senseo coffee machine

Posted May 17, 2015 by Chris

"This part will describe all the hardware and various techniques used to figure out which signal goes where. Why do this? It’s an improvement on the original firmware and an exercise in consumer product design."

Robust Flight in Cluttered Indoor Environments (with GimBall)

Posted January 7, 2015 by Chris

"Robots capable of flight in cramped and cluttered environments have many advantages over their ground-based counterparts, but most current systems suffer from the same fundamental problem: any contact with obstacles have catastrophic, mission-ending results. What if instead of avoiding collisions, a flying robot became robust to them, and could even take advantage of contact with its environment?"


Posted January 5, 2015 by Chris

"The Automatypewriter is a typewriter that can type by itself. It can also detect what’s being typed on it. It can be used to send text to and/or receive text from a computer via USB. It was designed as a platform for playing interactive fiction games, in particular to play custom software being developed for it by Jim Munroe."

Flying Android Project

Posted January 3, 2015 by Chris

"In 2009, I was challenged by [govt agency] via GTRI to develop an Unmaned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which is piloted by a smartphone. In particular, only the sensors on the phone may be used and the flight controller must run on the smartphone. Custom electronics were allowed to interface the phone to the airframe (PHY) but those electronics could sense or control."

.NET Micro Framework For Driving Xmas LEDs

Posted December 25, 2014 by Chris

"The Micro Framework is one of the newest kids on the .NET block, but it does something really rather wonderful. It brings embedded development within the reach of any C# programmer. If you know C# and love Visual Studio, you can now get started building hardware and controlling it with your software. Moreover, it lets developers achieve one of their most cherished dreams, to control their festive lights using programs that they have written."

Team 8 – RESCUE

Posted November 6, 2014 by Chris

"The purpose of the prototype was to demonstrate the feasibility of a small, highly maneuverable search and rescue robot. As such, the completed prototype was successful. Capabilities include a ground speed of 10 inches per second, battery life of 50 minutes, wireless range of between 50 and 150 feet, weight of 14.5 pounds and the ability to climb stairs."

Waveform Generation using AVR Microcontroller

Posted September 26, 2014 by Chris

"At times we come across applications or situations wherein we need to generate square waves with the microcontroller. The square wave can be generated by programming a pin which toggles between 0 and 1 with a certain time delay. Alternatively, the inbuilt feature of AVR timers can be used in square wave generation."

Chippu – A Robot to run ROS

Posted September 24, 2014 by Chris

"Lately I was busy in the hardware design of a personal robot named Chippu. It is an open source project and runs ROS, the same powerful code framework that runs on many robots like PR2. It is made as economical as possible. At present there is no on-board processing and it is done in a remote computer."