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NES Controller TV Remote

Posted May 17, 2008 by Chris

This is a cool little project to transform a standard NES console controller into a TV remote. The TV remote has the most basic of functions: power, volume & channel control. The project write-up is full of pictures and is written quite well, so check it out.

ATmega Wiimote Hacking

Posted March 23, 2008 by Chris

Wiimote hacking has been around for quite a while and so everything about it is pretty much out in the open now. This project write-up explains how to transmit and receive data with the Wiimote using an ATmega microcontroller.

X-Box Controller Controller

Posted February 17, 2008 by Chris

The X-Box Controller Controller uses the wifi connection of a PSP to control an X-Box with small servos to press the buttons. However useless this may seem is evened out by the complexity required to build this project.

Wii Led Nunchuck Mod

Posted February 2, 2008 by Ben

For all the Wii lovers out there this will definitely earn you some style points. This project shows you how to mod the nunchuck under the stick with an led. Pick your color led and get going!

GBA Ham Radio ‘Bunny’

Posted January 27, 2008 by Ben

Ham Radio ‘hidden transmitter hunts’ have been popular since ham radios came about. This GBA mod simplifies the task of being the hidden transmitter using the idBoy interface by nintendo and a few other easy mods.

GBA Console System

Posted January 26, 2008 by Ben

With this mod you can turn a normal GBA handheld into a game console; joystick, tv hookups & all. It’s not a difficult mod either so if you’re a GBA guru you will love this!