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Take Me To The Gadgetory!
Mind-Controlled Nerf Gun

Posted August 28, 2015 by Chris

"Hardware setup is pretty easy for this, it’s nothing compared to what you’ve just done for the Nerf gun. Grab your breadboard, plug in your Bluetooth module (assuming you’ve soldered some headers onto the six-pin interface), and connect some wires…"

Remote Control Roomba From A Website Using Arduino

Posted August 25, 2015 by Chris

"Who has not wanted to vacuum when being away from home? The technique I use is a hack to take apart the remote control of the robot and connect it to an Arduino UNO. To control the Arduino from PC via USB, I use Messenger and lets Eventghost manage all communication with Serial-plugin."

Apple Extended Keyboard II Mod

Posted August 16, 2015 by Chris

"The biggest stumbling block to the project was the computer’s interface. The Apple Extended Keyboard II is from the days of ADB, or Apple Desktop Bus. The internet revealed two possible solutions: An expensive and sometimes-hard-to-find adapter by Griffin, or a $16 microcontroller and some DIY elbow grease. Naturally, I chose the latter."

The Magic Crystal Mood Ball

Posted July 27, 2015 by Chris

"During my search for a cool design for my lamp, I found this plastic ball that looks like one of those future tellers crystal balls, and I decided to used it in a mystical way. Since my idea became a mood ball, I thought it would be fun to have the mysterious ambient surrounding the future teller’s world, in this case, not future, but present."

Building a Bluetooth-Controlled Dry Ice Fog Machine

Posted July 13, 2015 by Chris

"Last weekend brought an interesting challenge: to create a remote-controlled, small-sized dry ice ‘fog’ dispenser for a company event. In the end it wasn’t used, but I had a lot of fun building it anyway. Here is how it was done…"

Fully Functional Arduino Weather Station

Posted June 21, 2015 by Chris

" The last thing you want to do is clear up your Monday schedule to go kitesurfing and find yourself cursing the gods on a windless lake after two hours of driving. I needed to know the wind conditions of my favorite kitesurfing spot—in real time. So I decided to build my own weather station."

RPM: Interruptions and Interrupts

Posted June 14, 2015 by Chris

"Fortunately in the world of open source technology, the solutions to many technical challenges lie online. This great example by Zitron shows how to use hardware interrupts to read in the data from the hall effect sensor outside of the loop() function."

Build an Arduino-Powered Talking Robot Head

Posted June 8, 2015 by Chris

"This robot head was originally built as a end of the year project for my physical computing class, but over the summer it has ‘learned’ how to talk. The head is powered by two Freeduinos, 3 TLC5940NT chips and an Adafruit Industries Wave Shield. The head is currently connected to a computer by two USB cables, one for power, one for sending it serial commands on what to say/emote."

Simple Infrared PWM on Arduino

Posted June 5, 2015 by Chris

"We are often asked on discussion boards, about conflicts between IRremote or IRLib and other Arduino Libraries. In this post, we present a sketch for ‘Simple Infrared PWM on Arduino’. This is the first part in a 3 part series of posts"

The Internet Enabled Fishtank

Posted May 25, 2015 by Chris

"I imagine you’re here because you have heard about the internet enabled fishtank, the world’s most advanced taking aquarium. I made it as a one-off project purely to push my technical skills to the limit and create something awesome."