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Wireless XBee Motor Control

Posted April 12, 2012 by Chris

“Standard DC motor control can be tricky enough if you are new to electronics, but how about wireless dual dc motor control? A while ago I introduced you to a simple dual dc motor control design that used the SN754410NE IC to control some off-the-shelf 3v or 6v motors. Let’s take a look beyond just motor control and see if we can’t make that same system wirelessly controlled.”

12 Responses to “Wireless XBee Motor Control”

  1. hafiz Says:

    can you help me to design a project about xbee wireless motor control.. can you give me a guidance.. help me please..

  2. hafiz Says:

    i want to ask questions..
    1. What is the type of the 5k Trimpots that you use in this project? Horizontal type or vertical type?
    2. Can I use L293D Motor Driver to replace SN754410NE Motor Controller IC? is it the same?

  3. Anon Says:

    Hey there, Thanks a bunch for your tutorials. They are pure awesome.


  4. James Says:

    This doesn’t do bi-directional control???

  5. Ronny Wolven Says:

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  12. Nicolas Keaton Says:

    Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker ar to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys

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