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Little Helper: Logic Analyzer And More!

Posted December 18, 2019 by Chris

“Working in my lab with electronics I came across different little challenges once in a while, and noticed that I am missing tools to handle them efficiently. Just a quick list, I am sure you could add various items to the list…Of course these aren’t any issues that you could not handle with the tools you have. But each of these take time….so, announcing the Little Helper!”

One Response to “Little Helper: Logic Analyzer And More!”

  1. Donald Moody Says:

    An interesting solution, I hope it will find a use. I can’t find the device anywhere that I saw when they came to me from the pest control service ( I had a lot of ants and guys from pest control had a device that determined where the ants were. They cleaned my house perfectly, but I would like a device like this to detect a goosebump before they take over my entire house.

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