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Building A Polargraph

Posted May 5, 2018 by Chris

"As part of an graduate-level independent study course I am taking through my university’s Art department, I will creating a polargraph drawing machine and installing it in a public hallway for public viewing."

5 Responses to “Building A Polargraph”

  1. Walter Hynson Says:

    Thanks for thr great website,however I read you are building a polarbot for a college project,1 question how can you copy what has already been done and call it a project,if all you do is duplicate what someone else has done than regardless if you use another computer language or system where is the original work,its like a rehash of the same old stuff and you have to show/prove what you did thats unique,Have you read and signed the IEEE pledge,if so than there is a paragraph on using other peoples work as your own,please do something original….From a retired Eng

  2. Walter Hynson Says:

    PS put the website up as your original work ,Its yours and its damn GOOD…..WCH

  3. vex 3 Says:

    Cool, I think mapping in that way is also pretty and reasonable

  4. Building A Polargraph | PyroElectro – Says:

    […] Building A Polargraph […]

  5. happy wheels Says:

    This is a great thing, I think everyone feels this information is very valuable, thank you

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