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Copy Protection in Modern Microcontrollers

Posted April 15, 2018 by Chris

"This article is based on the research made between 1996 and 2000. The past ten years of my research into hardware security showed that any microcontroller, FPGA, secure memory, smartcard, ASIC or custom chip can be successfully attacked given enough time and resources. The question is whether the semiconductor chip used in a particular application can withstand multi-million-dollar attack or would fail to defeat a 10-dollar attack."

10 Responses to “Copy Protection in Modern Microcontrollers”

  1. Kaira Singh Says:

    The microcontroller is a device that is mostly used in electronic devices and modern equipment. Microcontrollers have different uses like it is used by the military, security services, banks, medical services, etc.

  2. friv Says:

    In the world, there have been a lot of research published on the possibility that hackers can use security holes as well as tools from hardware, firmware (programs or code are not intended to interact directly with users, fixed and low-level control of electronic devices) to software to interfere with information systems, to attach chips, spyware and spyware (HT: Hardware Trojan) to collect illegal information as well as attack these systems.

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