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A Look At Power Line Communication

Posted January 25, 2016 by Chris

"PLC (Power Line Communication) is the technology that allows data transmission over the existing Power Line network. Power Line can be the home power network or the national electricity transmission grid. The data that can be transferred is as diverse as its speed. With speeds of nearly 200Mbps, video transmission, voice, data and any other services can be transmitted successfully."

3 Responses to “A Look At Power Line Communication”

  1. me Says:

    Mains lines are unshielded. Any signal you send over them is also radiating into space in the form of radio waves. In the opening the author mentioned sending data at nearly 200Mbps. Later he gives the legal frequency ranges for powerline communication in Europe and North America. You can’t squeeze a 200Mbps signal into 500khz of bandwidth! He must be talking about going outside the legal bands. Those band limits are there to keep users from interfering with all of the various radio services, broadcast, emergency, military to name a few!

    Using one’s house wiring to get information from one room to another is a neat trick. He also mentioned using the national electricity transmission grid. This has been tried before as a way to provide internet access. It caused horrible amounts of interference to all sorts of licensed radio services. Data over powerlines is one of those things that sounds like a nice idea at first but is a really bad one in practice.

  2. M.Adnan Says:


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