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The Ghost In The Field

Posted December 10, 2014 by Chris

" The camera has been fixed in its position and the reader photographed. Using a tag connected to an LED we paint in the edges of the readable volume with a long exposure and animate them to show the form."

8 Responses to “The Ghost In The Field”

  1. 192.168.l.l Says:

    I hope to see more updates from you, this helps me a lot.

  2. Ronald Wages Says:

    Good stuff, looking forward to hearing more from you!

  3. Ronald Wages Says:

    This is great, I’m excited to see more of your content.

  4. Nelson Hull Says:

    Wow, so cool! Thank you for sharing this. 😀

  5. Steven Harris Says:

    My friend just sent me this link and I’m so glad he did, love it.

  6. Brian Hilson Says:

    Amazing, just goes to show you old is gold.

  7. Elliott Parsons Says:

    Cool beans!

  8. Kaleigh Gardon Says:

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