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Intro to FPGA and CPLD: Lesson 3 Live!

Posted July 10, 2014 by Syd

This week we’re moving on to Lesson 3: Input & Output in our new PyroEDU course: An Introduction to CPLD and FPGA. Here’s an overview of the lesson:

"All FPGA and CPLD devices have general purpose input and output pins, often called GPIO. Here we will take a look at how to build a CPLD image and hardware to accept push-button input in order to affect output LEDs."

This online course is also be available through:

3 Responses to “Intro to FPGA and CPLD: Lesson 3 Live!”

  1. Richard Sharpe Says:

    I purchased the CPLD kit and have watched the videos, but I find that the wiring demo is somewhat difficult to follow.

    Can you attach the actual wiring diagram to the lessons somehow so I can follow them, or perhaps an annotated photo with sufficient resolution.

    Other than that, it all looks good.

  2. Richard Sharpe Says:

    OK, ignore me. I found the schematic.

  3. Chris Says:

    Also, you should be able to up the resolution to 1080p on youtube, just click the ‘watch on youtube’ button, then once you’re watching the lesson on youtube, click the gear icon (settings) and set it to 1080P + full screen. Then everything will be crystal clear!

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