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PyroEDU: An Introduction To Microcontrollers (Starts March 13th)

Posted February 27, 2014 by Chris

Thanks to continued support and feedback from all of YOU, we are excited to announce that the 4th course of PyroEDU: An Introduction To Microcontrollers will begin next month! Here’s a preview of the course overview:

This course is meant to create a pathway into learning about microcontrollers, for people who are scared of the hardware and software trickery that comes with it. A hands-on approach is taken in this course through a combination of lecture and experimentation to teach you about the different functions that microcontrollers have. Additionally, visuals are used throughout lectures like step-by-step schematic building and line-by-line code explanations.”

This course comes right on the heels of An Introduction To Digital Electronics and An Introduction To Analog Electronics and as such, it will use knowledge from both of those courses to further expand to the world of processors, microcontrollers and programmed devices in general. Also, thanks again to all of our kickstarter backers who originally got us started! Read more at the course page at PyroEDU

This online course will also be available through:

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