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Introduction To Analog Electronics

Posted August 14, 2013 by Chris

Starting next week, PyroEDU is introducing a new course: An Introduction To Analog Electronics. Here’s a quick summary of the course and some links with more details.

This course is meant to create a pathway into learning about analog electronics, for people who are scared of the math and general trickery that usually comes with it. A hands-on approach is taken in this course through a combination of lecture and experimentation to teach you about the different basic ideas (AC vs. DC, filters and amplifiers) used in analog electronics.

This online course is also available through:

4 Responses to “Introduction To Analog Electronics”

  1. Jesmion Says:

    Iam grateful, you have done well to initiate online for less priviledges

  2. Jesmion Says:

    Iam grateful, you have done nicely to create online lecture for any who can browse

  3. Chris Says:

    Thank you, we hope that it is helpful for you!

  4. Jesmion Says:

    It’s a pleasure expressing my profound gratitudes about Chris and provisions in assorted models, from the starting point when i first subscribed in year 2013, Chris made sure i obtain my occasional lectures upto 2014, my breadboard was a construction of furniture maker, my solder-iron and lead was intact, but i had a problem with my electric-city, some enemies have betrayed me, by telling the electric bills-tax-collectors to increase my bills, telling them that i uses the light for studies, for that, the NEPA of Nigeria increase my light bills beyond my capability, they know that i cannot afford the bills, but they put the bills to scare me off from using their national electricity-light, and as soon as i can’t pay for it, they immediately climb the electric pole and cut off the connection wires, to this day i repair a spoiled generator-plant, and using it whenever i have money for petrol, yet, i still have interest in my studies upon all evil attcks of nigerians, Thank you Chris, am Jesmion,

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