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Rock Band 2 Drum Controller For Wii

Posted February 26, 2013 by Chris

“Rock Band 2 (RB2) and Guitar Hero World Tour (GHWT) both work with the drum set controller that is packaged with GHWT. The GHWT drums, unlike the RB2 drums, is plugged into a Wiimote’s expansion port. This expansion port is a I2C bus and the drum is a I2C slave device. An AVR microcontroller can be connected on this bus as a I2C slave with the same slave address to trick the Wii into thinking that it’s connected to a drum controller.”

8 Responses to “Rock Band 2 Drum Controller For Wii”

  1. Frank Zhao Says:

    Thanks for posting my project. This project is actually pretty old, but I think it’s a great example of reverse engineering a data bus, breaking encryption (it was kind of bad security), and implementing I2C slave using AVR.

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