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Proximity Security System (Keyless Entry)

Posted December 9, 2012 by Chris

“For our final project, we designed and built an RFID-based proximity security system for use with Cornell Identification cards, which have been RFID-embedded since fall of 2003. The idea for this project was sort of spawned from our general interest in RFID technologies and the near-simultaneous occurance of Lab 2 and the antiquated lock system at our fraternity house breaking.”

2 Responses to “Proximity Security System (Keyless Entry)”

  1. lastchancename Says:

    I doubt the actual student ID is encoded on the card, that will be abstracted back in the campus-wide security management system.
    The unique card-ID is assigned to the student ID when issued, and used as normally with the look-up performed to confirm the card ID being ‘valid’ in contenxt of the lock being accessed.
    If the card is lost or damaged the student requests a new card – the old one is deleted/invalidated, and a new card issued – with the new card number associated with the same student ID… and yes you may be able to assign multiple cards under a single student ID – but that’s a function of the campus-wide security control system.

  2. lastchancename Says:

    …of course…
    You could spoof multiple cards having the same ‘card number’ – which will have student ‘X’ appearing all over the campus simultaneously!

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