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A Quick Look At Some Quadcopter Hardware

Posted July 7, 2012 by Chris

“Now the hardware for my Quadcopter and a good portion of the software is complete for the quadcopter. The hardware really consists of 4 parts: The controller board, the quadcopter XBee board, the USB XBee board and the quadcopter frame with motors and ESCs.”

4 Responses to “A Quick Look At Some Quadcopter Hardware”

  1. Quadrocopters.comA Quick Look At Some Quadcopter Hardware | PyroElectro - News ... Says:

    […] A Quick Look At Some Quadcopter Hardware | PyroElectro – News … Top Searches rc quadcopter kitqav500 measurementsTurbo Ace X830 S QuadcopterMIT ACL %2D Variable Pitch QuadrotorMIT ACL Variable Pitch Quadrotorprogrammable quadrotorsautonomous quadrocoptersNo related posts. This entry was posted in quadrocopter, Uncategorized and tagged look-at-some, quadcopter, quadrocopters, software, the-quadcopter, uncategorized, usb. Bookmark the permalink. […]

  2. Abdul muttyab Says:

    5 star

  3. martin Says:

    quiero investigar mas de robot para recopilarlos

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