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Sensor Driven Self-Guided RC Car

Posted February 24, 2012 by Chris

“Several years ago when I had the nerve to blow money on such things, I attempted to build a ’68 Volkswagen Beetle for The DARPA Grand Challenge. During that time I thought it would be fun to convert an RC car for self-guided operation. I bought the car from RadioShack for maybe $30, tore it apart, and promptly forgot about it completely.”

14 Responses to “Sensor Driven Self-Guided RC Car”

  1. Rituraj Says:

    Hey! Could you please send me the details? I’m willing to make this project….

  2. jesus Says:

    i need the pdf file

  3. carlos chiroque Says:

    Hola, podrían enviar pdf del proyecto.

  4. pritam mohapatra Says:

    hey,I am crazy about this project as a begginer.could you send me PCB and its components.

  5. Rogan Says:

    Hey can sent me the details on how to create this?

  6. prince Says:

    Could you please sent me the details of this project

  7. Jamal Says:

    Can you send me the details of this project?

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