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Configuring Advanced XBee Settings

Posted February 16, 2012 by Chris

“The XBee module offers a quick and easy solution for wireless needs and it even uses a standardized protcol to make sure your information reaches its destination. However, in my time using these cool little modules I have noticed how most people never utilize the more awesome features available like analog input or PWM. In this article, we will take a look at how to access the XBee so that we can reconfigure options and enable the more advanced features that the XBee Modules offers us as designers. ”

10 Responses to “Configuring Advanced XBee Settings”

  1. ahmed samy Says:

    Hello Dear ,
    Can you help me in my project ” HOME AUTOMATION ” 4 nodes of Xbee modules and microcontrollers PIC , I need the software for PIC please .


  2. RAHUL Says:

    It would be really helpfull to me if u send me the detail information ,as i have to work on xbee pro ..please send me details to configure please….

  3. Judith Says:

    Wait, I cannot fathom it being so sttgiahrforward.

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