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Learning Serial Communication

Posted October 29, 2011 by Chris

“This morning I decided its about time I learnt how to use the UART hardware in most PIC micro- controllers. I started off with a USB-RS-232 converter that I got for US$3 from DealExtreme.” A good look at how to hack a USB-to-Serial converter to mess around with a PIC’s UART module.

4 Responses to “Learning Serial Communication”

  1. Sujit Says:

    hey hi can u tell me what chip is used in that above blue(usb to serial) adapter. is it FT232RL?

  2. Rambo Says:

    No its a Prolific PL2303 afaik 🙂
    but you could use an FT232RL just the same, it’d actually be easier

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