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Intro to Xbee: Build A Xbee Wireless Interface

Posted June 17, 2011 by Chris

Time for another new Pyro Tutorial about Xbee communication! Xbee are small modules that use the Zigbee standard for wireless communication and offer a lot of flexibility as well as reliability with wifi communication. This tutorial shows you how to make a simple wireless Input/Output system with two PICs.

13 Responses to “Intro to Xbee: Build A Xbee Wireless Interface”

  1. Roland Verplancken Says:

    I have work out the tutorials: Wireless communication over IR and Wireless interface RF modules. It works very well.

    Now I try out the tutorial: Intro to Xbee, build a Xbee wireless interface. Here i have a problem.I have progammed the transmitter (PIC18F4520I/P) and receiver (PIC18F4520I/P)with the Pickit2 and MPLAB. I have build the transmitter circuit and the receiver circuit on breadboards as suggested in the article (circuits), but it does’nt work.
    In the article you decribe under schematic specifics – Transmitter circuit: “”PORTB pin 0 is connected to the Xbee Din pin”” similarly for the receiver circuit.I don’t understand this, i don’t see this connections in the transmitter and receiver circuit!
    Can you help me for a solution?
    Thank you very much,
    Roland Verplancken

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