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DIY RS232 Interface With A PIC

Posted April 7, 2011 by Chris

Today’s PyroElectro Tutorial: RS232 serial communication is widely used for transferring 8 bits of information at a time. The PIC gives us easy access to hardware that is capable of serial communication. This tutorial shows you how to build a simple, but effective RS232 communication interface.

11 Responses to “DIY RS232 Interface With A PIC”

  1. nizar Says:


  2. Nick Says:

    Good informative tutorial. Thanks!

  3. Lenny Lin Says:

    Very great tutorial. Thank you so much.
    I still have question about how your operate on laptop.
    1. What program you use on laptop to run your serial_interface.c code?
    2. Do I need to compile the serial_interface.c code into PIC chip?
    3. What is Good_Terminal.exe used for?

    If you can provide me some information that will be very appreciated.

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