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Wifi Modules With The AVR

Posted December 25, 2010 by Chris

Slapping in a wifi unit to your project is easier than you think. This project uses a pair of cheap ($14) wifi modules to do wireless in the 100’s of Mhz range. Beware, there is no packet structure by default, so some data might get lost in transit. See the write-up for schematics and how-to’s.

4 Responses to “Wifi Modules With The AVR”

  1. razvan784 Says:

    Those are not WiFi modules, they are bare (bitstream in bitstream out no coding no MAC no nothing) RF modules. I guess you could also call them /wireless/ modules. WiFi refers exclusively to equipment built on the 802.11 standard. WiFi modules do exist but they’re quite expensive. Please correct the article as such a mixup is very unprofessional.

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