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Basic Stamp Radio Communication

Posted October 8, 2010 by Chris

This is a very unique way to create wireless communication and it gives a lot of range. Using two radio modems this guy makes it so two basic stamps can communicate serially. The project write-up explains the process very well.

6 Responses to “Basic Stamp Radio Communication”

  1. addidis Says:

    Curious solution , Im somewhat baffled though.
    So for instance , sparkfun has (if you look hard enough) some 3-5$ receiver transmitters. Now granted the range on this should be moderately better. But unless you need a license for the radios shown and i dont think you do , its governed by relatively the same regulations. This is definitely interesting though and i would be interested to see the range in real world conditions. (probably line of sight as thats the regulation of non licensed TX)
    Right now im mowing over using xbee , the spark fun cheap modules , and also considered wifi for connectivity between modules in a security monitoring system.

  2. Chris Says:

    It is a very curious solution. But the range these things can get is far beyond what XBee modules will ever get, similarly those $3-5 modules won’t get past 100 feet. The XBee modules do have error correction though, a great advantage.

  3. addidis Says:

    Yeah ive been studying the radio modules. They are right up to the legal limits for power. I would have expected a top of the line and similarly priced xbee , each with identical antennas to function nearly identically, with exception the data rate I would expect to be higher with the radios. But now im curious and want to play with some of these 🙂

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