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PicBlaster PIC Programmer

Posted November 28, 2008 by Chris

Homemade PIC programmers can be found all over the web. They all offer a cheaper alternative to Microchip or Clone programmers but the catch is you have to make it yourself. If you have at least a little electronics experience this will be no problem! Here’s a simple example DIY PIC programmer.

3 Responses to “PicBlaster PIC Programmer”

  1. FxDev Says:

    It’s a very old technology…
    I use Sprut Brenner 8/9 revision 5…
    It’s very fast and it uses usb 2.0 board…
    The German guys also did the programmer program for linux and windows…
    You think to make a new progremmer for pic you should think this…
    And it costs under $25…

  2. Chris Says:

    Thanks FxDev, there’s definitely way better home-made PIC programmers out there. So take the one I posted for whatever it is worth =D.

  3. FxDev Says:

    Yes Chris, but when the works became a professional some programmers like this can’t be useful. And it said only 16c84 can be programmed. But ‘c’ series come to an end…
    Anyway, pic can be programmed a lot of ways but what about FPGA (xilinx)?
    Do you know about this subject?

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