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Simple Electric Generator

Posted April 7, 2008 by Chris

In a more ‘back to the basics’ type of project, here is a very simple electric generator. This project is designed around making a generator produce enough electric current to make a light glow. All the parts and the procedure for building it are included in the write-up.

9 Responses to “Simple Electric Generator”

  1. RockManFan9 Says:

    How do I do it?

  2. westly Says:

    i need a tutorial on how to make a generator that works with water, like a hydroelectric dam!! thank you!!! and i need one that is made easily and is simple to build!! 😀

  3. westly Says:

    oh…go to youtube ROCKMANFAN9 and type simple generator and scroll down untill you find the picture of this generator and click on it and watch the video. it is rally simeple, and easy to make!! hope i helped you!! 😉

  4. westly Says:


  5. westly Says:

    please somebody help me with my project of the generator that works under water!!!

  6. ash Says:

    i need a simple electric generator fr exhibition related to physics and chemistry thanks!…………………….. read more

  7. anjali Says:

    cool solution thanks a lot………..

  8. mohhamad Says:

    thank you
    just please put a few more photos for this work

  9. Sofia Al Sehamy 6C EIS Says:

    Cool we can make generators please teach me how 🙂

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